The ‘Software Rockstar’ Roadmap

When you read about ‘Rockstar’ you can imagine a music superstar that performs an outstanding show in a scenario. Well, like in the music you must be a ‘Rockstar’ in software development.

Take a time to think about this: Would you like to attend an artist’s show if he were to try out instead of performing a great show?

In the Scenario: A Rockstar performs a software developer tries.

This post is a calling to do your greatest work as a software developer, to do this you need to shift your mindset and think like a rockstar.

Rockstar Mindset

An artist since childhood has longed to be a star, because it brings a great passion for what he does and that is why he practices his art every day.

In his mindset are wired these beliefs:

  1. We can do something meaningful through our abilities
  2. Every second spent practicing, is a wisely spent second
  3. We should enjoy those activities that we do the most

Do you remember how Santana plays the guitar? How can you even imagine you performing at that level in software development?

I encourage you, to go out there and change your mindset like a rockstar, and try to be the best you can when you are in your scenario or office or desk trying to build software solutions, do it with passion, do it with greatness, do it wisely, be the best you can preparing yourself before of entering to the stage and then be a software rockstar.

Rockstar Obsession

This time, I´ve changed passion for obsession, because many of us have a passion for something, as we can have a passion for travel or music or knowledge but if really we had a passion for that, we should be obsessed to accomplish that.

To become a great software developer you should be obsessed with learning and exploring all that knowledge that is required to be a master in your field is necessary to be obsessed to endure all hours of practice and setbacks trying to make things work.

From Developer to Rockstar: First Step

This is a long road that we’re going to cover in several steps, but there’s one thing that you need to have in mind, you become a great software engineer when you work the consistent and smartest way possible to become your best.

Here we could list a lot of steps for you become a “Software Rockstar”, but what we will do is to set the first step on this journey and the next steps we will cover each one in a full history.

The first step to becoming an exceptional software developer is to change your mindset.

But, what kind of mindset? The mindset in which every architecture, every piece of code, every algorithm and everything related with our craftsmanship can be done in a better way and in that way we are prepared to do it.

This mindset says all of these things can be developed. All, you, your craft, your soft skills, your IQ, your EI, your creativity, your learning abilities, are capable of growth and change.

As the New York best-selling author Lewis Howes says: “Is time to go out there and do something great”. Go and do something that improves you and that will have an impact on your software craft.