My name is Andres Cespedes Morales a.k.a. Andres Pedes and I want to get real with you for a minute.

I'm a Colombian Entrepreneur who always has strived for greatness and deeply has wanted to raise our human race. My mission on this planet is to help our human race to elevate our performance and consciousness through psychology and software, combining our more powerful tools to get exceptional results, our unlimited potential hidden in our minds and the fastest tool on earth, software. My purpose is clear: Arise our human consciousness through software development education.

I've been working as an author on tech portals like Dzone & JavaCodeGeeks, for right now do andrespedes.com as a main point of contact. I've been working on the software development world for the last 10 years and I participated as a conference speaker in Barcamp MedellĂ­n 2015, and this last year 2016 I've joined the Oracle Java JSR-367 as a contributor and official JCP Associate member.

I also coach people to help them to achieve their greatness and unleash their consciousness to get a better level in their personal and professional life. I love to read books about improvement, psychology, consciousness, software, entrepreneurship, that's why I'm decided to write about all these topics and share what I've learned through the life.

Feel free to reach out to me at andres@andrespedes.com


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